#eye #eye

Artist on Artist

Astrid Bell and Harry Rae indulge me in a gorgeous and very thoughtful chat about practice, Centennial Park, words, friendship, affinities, and movies. Click here to listen on soundcloud.

Astrid Elouise Bell is a painter, writer and general rummager who is currently all over the place. Her practice surrounds things that elude our grasp and the sites and stories that bring us to our work and each other. Always attempting to find ritual in the everyday, collective in the familial and histories within the object. Her recent work has been walking, talking, photographing and making friends; attempts to trail and reveal the phenomena of the everyday that is obscured by habit.

Harrison Rae is an artist and musician living on Gadigal land. His artistic practice blends narrative storytelling with mixed media. His approach to music incorporates spoken word with ambient and alternative sounds.