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Note: this conversation is loosely transcribed from the temporary sounds made out of mouths over ONE PINT and ONE MIDI; if you want to hear the mouth-sounds you can take us to a nearby Pub and we will recreate the scenario with your valued reader input in mind.


For the SELF of the Artist:

What is the Artist good at?


Who are the Artists idols?

            James (Jimmy Fallon)
            Adam Sandler

FACT: everyone loves a rumour, a fantasy, a fake;

SECRET: the only phoney is the person who does not embody their narrative.

INSTRUCTION: create a falsity, add grandiosity, create gossip, create outlandish tales about your friends, if you get called out, double down but DO NOT blame the Artist.

What self will the Artist inhabit?

Option 1: pick a colour, create a character, WEAR ORANGE, call it the Orange Era, make ORANGE, when you are done, discard all your ORANGE clothing and wear YELLOW instead.

Option 2: pick a colour, pick PURPLE, be unable to wear anything other than BLUE and RED, fall into BLUE and RED, give up on your Purple Era, allow obsession with BLUE and RED, let it swallow you until it disgusts you, hate everything you made that you tried to make PURPLE but that was BLUE and RED – try to do GREEN, and do BLUE and RED again.

Resolve your ideas.
Kill your ideas.
Kill your idols.
Become a biologist.
Delve into your own archive.
Destroy Good and Bad in place of Done.

For the SOUL of the Artist:

An Archive is a Map – do you know your Archives?


Know your Archives.

We are living in an age of history expanding out behind us. WE ARE LIVING IN A TOTALLY ALTERNATE HISTORY TO SOMEONE IN PERTH. It is ridiculous to put the whole world in a book!

IDEA: International Archival Registry of Perceived Synergy (the Internet)

INSTRUCTION: sell idea to investors.

Neanderthals & Thylacines: both are said to not exist anymore – who’s to say they aren’t among us right now? Through the Internet you can see a video of a Thylacine, right before you remember that 2-legged people killed them all… I mean thinking about monkeys is sad but that’s just Les Mis level!


Recognise your context.
Abolish apathy.
Abolish Tinder.
Recognise your overlords.
Abolish overlords.

Coming off the back of an unsuccessful nomination for an emerging writer award, Josephine Blazejowski has now fully emerged, submerged and integrated.

Heath Latty is a guy who has a job, spends money, and enjoys a world of trading goods and services in order to live comfortably.