#eye #eye

Toni Tait

This work is a sound map of a visit to Quandamooka artist, Megan Cope’s studio. It records the collaborative experience of scrubbing and sorting oysters in preparation for a work being made to celebrate the Sydney Opera House, more specifically the historical and cultural importance of this site. This experimental soundscape invites the viewer to experience the same mindfulness participants felt within in the repetitive actions of scrubbing and sorting the oyster shells. It simultaneously captures the special relationship created between artist and community when working together

Toni's natural curiosity draws her towards nature, where she searches for patterns, relationships and connection. Her background in science influences her artistic practice, having drawn her to the process of recording. She records sacred moments on film and records patterns through print making processes. The act of listening is vital to her practice, whether that is focused inwards or towards her surrounding environment.